About Us!

We started the Cinematica Animalia podcast back in 2018 with the premise to use our combined working knowledge of science and apply it to our love of a good, classic movie monster. Every episode, we explore the ecology and physiology of these cinematic creatures; explaining what works, what mostly doesn’t, and how the movie’s plot is subsequently affected. Though we do often point out the flaws in our favorite motion picture monsters, our goal is to discuss basic ecological principles and biological systems in a fun way. At the end of the day, we just love talking about science.

Meet the Hosts!

Dr. Sam Wenaas Perrin is a freshwater/invasive ecologist and climate emissions analyst based in Trondheim, Norway. He runs the website Ecology for the Masses and is passionate about communicating science to people by whatever means necessary including digesting scientific textbooks and then regurgitating it into people’s mouths baby robin style.

Cinematica Animalia
host and founder, 2018



Adam Hasik is a disease ecologist in the last leg of his PhD at the University of Arkansas (USA) and co-founder of Ecology of the Masses. In addition to his love of science and monster movies, Adam is a big fan of making food, eating food, and thinking about making and eating food. He’s also a pretty big fan of rock climbing.

Cinematica Animalia host and founder, 2018


David is a licensed veterinarian living in Canada. He provides a physiology perspective on the creatures that the podcast explores, as well as our frequent and important vet public service announcements. Dave is definitely not a cat. 

Cinematica Animalia host, founder, and not a cat, 2018


Libby Young is a writer, self-proclaimed cinephile, and our resident story expert. When she’s not suffering from imposter syndrome, she enjoys beach volleyball, gaming, nature, and giving goats a drink of water. She publishes a fortnightly short story newsletter called Short Story Soup

Cinematica Animalia host, 2020