Season 1: Episode 7- The Monsters Of Doctor Who (Doctor Who- 2005/2014)

TV Show: Doctor Who [2005-2018]
Production Company: BB1

(1) Vashta Nerada: Silence In The Library & Forest of the Dead [2008]
(2) Metal Stingrays: Planet of the Dead [2009]
(3) The Flood: The Waters of Mars [2009]
(4) Krafayis: Vincent & The Doctor [2010]
(5) The Moon- Kill The Moon [2014]
(6) Monster Under The Thames- Thin Ice [2017]

Featuring: Sam, Adam, David
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes

We bash down the doors of the TARDIS and ruthlessly mock the Doctor’s rogue’s gallery. We discover that Dave loves Peter Capaldi, Sam reveals a strange fetish and Adam tries to justify the moon being an egg.

6:30 – What is the Doctor?
11:44 – The Vashta Nerada (Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead)
19:34 – The Alien Stingrays (Planet of the Dead)
30:34 – The Flood (Waters of Mars)
41:40 – The Krafayis (Vincent and the Doctor)
50:49 – Moon Egg F***er (Kill the Moon)
1:01:00 – Swimmy Long Boi (Thin Ice)
1:08:12 – The Doctor Who Royal Rumble


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