Season 2- Episode 2: The Ecology of the Creatures of Atlantis (Aquaman- 2018)

Film: Aquaman (2018)
Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures
Distributed By: Warner Bros. Pictures
Monster: Fisherman/The Trench/The Atlanteans/The Brine
Featuring: Sam, Adam, David
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)

We look at the world of Atlantis from 2018’s Aquaman. Why would you domesticate a whale? Can a turtle grow to the size of a Great White Shark? Can an octopus play the drums? Spoiler alert: probably not.

05:48 – The History of Aquaman
10:33 – The Ecology of Atlantis
38:43 – The Karathen vs. Gypsy Danger (Pacific Rim)


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