Season 2: Supplemental- Ecological Ramifications of The Snap 2

Film: Avengers: Infinity War [2018]
Production Company: Marvel Studios
Distributed By: Walt Disney Studios
Monster: Thanos/SNAP
Featuring: Sam, Adam, David
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)


Post Avengers: Endgame, we dive back into the Marvel universe and examine the ecological ramifications of The Snap 2: The Unsnappening. How would the world react to a sudden dramatic increase in populations? Are the Avengers the bad guys? Does Thanos use Bayesian modelling? SPOILERS. Big time.

Thanks to JV Chamary at Forbes for kicking this discussion off with his article:…ity/#76b9ea65775b.

And thanks to colleague Lara Veylit for helping out this week.

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