Season 3: Episode 15- The Planet of the Moorwen (Outlander- 2008) Cinematica Animalia · S3E15- The Planet of the Moorwen (Outlander- 2008)

Movie: Outlander [2008]
Production Company: Ascendant Pictures
Distributed By: The Weinstein Company
Monster(s): Moorwen
Featuring: Sam, David, and Adam
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)

The Cinematica Team follows up with their exploration of the Norwegian Glowing Dragon physiology by discussing the planet of the moorwen. What would this creature eat? What would it’s teeth look like? Why do none of the Vikings where sleeves in the winter in this movie? All of these questions and more are answered, other than, why was this movie made?!

00:33- Introduction
02:28- The Story of Beowulf
11:15- Beowulf in Film
19:30- Moorwen Ecology: Dentistry
25:56- Moorwen Ecology: Food Collection
29:50- Moorwen Ecology: Bio-luminescence
33:26- Moorwen Ecology: The Planet of the Moorwens
38:44- Moorwen Ecology: Climate Issues
42:21- Versus
46:01- Sign Off

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