SEASON 4: EPISODE 3- MONKEY MADNESS PART 1- EVERYTHING WRONG WITH KONG (KING KONG- 2005) Cinematica Animalia · S4E3- Monke Madness Part 1- Everything Wrong With Kong (2005)

Movie: King Kong (2005)
Production Company: WingNut Films
Distributed By: Universal Pictures
Monster(s): King Kong
Featuring: Sam, David, Adam, and Libby with guest Cami
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)

This week kicks off Monke Madness! Up first is Peter Jackson’s 2005 blockbuster, King Kong. We focus in on how severe injuries seem irrelevant to our characters, from permanent brain damage to limb crushing V-Rex bites, as well as the V-Rex’s tendencies to dine and dash. The Cinematica team also welcomes guest host Cami, a social anthropologist to discuss the not-so-accurate representation of Skull Island’s indigenous peoples.

00:00:38- Introduction
00:08:31- Movie Summary and Discussion
00:19:00- Science Discussion
00:54:04- Gorillas In Film
01:06:00- Final Thoughts and Fan Thank You

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