Season 4: Episode 20- Fly Like An Eagle (Space Jam: New Legacy- 2021)

Monster(s): The Monstars, Goon Squad, and Toon Squad
Featuring: David, Adam, Libby
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)

A New Legacy has appeared in the form of a sequel/remake of Space Jam (2021). Given that the Cinematica Team grew up on the OG, MJ version, we thought we’d take our best shot at breaking down all the new Monstars, re-titled the Goon Squad, as well as the infamous Tunes themselves. Would wascally wabbits really make good teammates? Should Daffy be charged with sex crimes? And how exactly does an AI charading as an algorithm use CRISPR gene editing to create an enslaved basketball team?

00:00:38- Introduction and News
00:04:59- Movie Introduction
00:13:31- Trivia
00:15:09- Science Discussion- Gene Editing
00:31:48- Science Discussion- Animals Playing Basketball
00:42:40- The Problem With Sequels
00:48:27- Final Thoughts and Sign Off

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