Season 4: Episode 22- Gods, Demons, and Ecology (Princess Mononoke- 1997)

Monster(s): Gods and Demons
Featuring: Sam, David, Adam, Libby
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)

Come and see with eyes, unclouded by hate. The Cinematica team continues their Studio Ghibli adventure with an exploration of Princess Mononoke. Join them and the wolf tribe as they discuss multi-tailed canids, forest idols, leprosy, and demons. You may even learn, how to kill a god.

00:00:33 – Introduction and News
00:04:44 – Movie Introduction
00:11:43 – Trivia
00:12:59 – Science Discussion
00:52:18- Story Discussion
00:59:04 – Final Thoughts and Sign-Off

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