Season 4: Episode 25- To Catch A Predator (Predator- 1987)

Monster(s): Yautja/Predator
Featuring: David, Adam, Libby
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)

This week, the Cinematica team decides who has the deadliest guns: Arnold, Carl, or the Predator (1987). In this classic film, we take a laser focused look into how this dreaded alien can not just climb up and down trees, but jump from them as well. We’ll also “rave” about its glowing blood, talk about what might be a memorable but vestigial left over, and explain why Jean Claude doesn’t give a Damme about this movie.

00:00:31 – Introduction and News
00:03:44 – Movie Introduction
00:09:54 – Trivia
00:15:16 – Science Discussion
00:40:32- Story Discussion
00:43:19- Versus
00:47:50 – Final Thoughts and Sign-Off

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