Season 4: Episode 32- Jager Bombs (Pacific Rim- 2013)

Monster(s): Kaiju
Featuring: Adam, David, Libby
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)

Delve into the interdimensional depths with the Cinematica team as we explore Pacific Rim (2013). This week we answer the monster sized questions. What do kaiju and 3D printing have in common? Do dinosaurs have a second brain? And will movies ever stop making boob armor? Full disclosure: we can’t answer that last one.

00:00:31 – Introduction and News
00:03:14 – Movie Introduction, Discussion, and Trivia
00:19:21- Science Discussion
00:41:09- Story Discussion
00:54:30- Secondary Brains
00:57:25- Final Thoughts

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