Season 4: Episode 35- Global Worming (Dune- 2021)

Monster(s): Sandworms/Shai-Hulud
Featuring: Sam, David, Adam, Libby
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)

Dust off your stillsuits, this week we are turning up the Arrakis heat and discussing the newest version of Dune (2021). We cover desertification and not the ice cream kind, how sand could become water-like, worm on worm cannibalism, and that weird mother son scene, you know which one. A question unanswered however: was it a kangaroo rat or a jerboa?

00:00:37 – Introduction and News
00:05:13 – Movie Introduction and Discussion
00:19:08- Movie Trivia
00:20:52- Science Discussion
00:58:52- Story Discussion
01:06:51- Final Thoughts

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