Season 1

Season 1: Episode 8- The Gremlins (Gremlins- 1984)

SUMMARY We kick down the kitchen door and go to bloody war with the Mogwai, from 1984’s Christmas classic Gremlins. Dave gives China tips for invasion, Sam says the word ‘tarsier’ too fucking much and Adam can’t resist showing off how much Mandarin he doesn’t know. TIME POINTS 5:52 – History of the Gremlins 18:02 […]

Season 1: Episode 7- The Monsters Of Doctor Who (Doctor Who- 2005/2014)

EPISODE INFO TV Show: Doctor Who [2005-2018] Production Company: BB1 Monsters: (1) Vashta Nerada: Silence In The Library & Forest of the Dead [2008] (2) Metal Stingrays: Planet of the Dead [2009] (3) The Flood: The Waters of Mars [2009] (4) Krafayis: Vincent & The Doctor [2010] (5) The Moon- Kill The Moon [2014] (6) […]

Season 1: Episode 6- The Creature (Creature From The Black Lagoon- 1954)

SUMMARY We submerge ourselves into the murky depths of what is clearly a backyard pool and meet… yet another man in a suit. This week is all about the Gillman from 1712’s The Creature from the Black Lagoon. Dave and Adam both need more bloody caffeine. TIME POINTS 4:29 – Movie History 14:23 – Physiology […]

Season 1: Episode 5- Trolls (Trollhunter- 2011)

SUMMARY We get stuck into the trolls from 2011’s cult classic Troll Hunter. Dave decides that the real monsters are the people, Dave accuses all vets of drug use, and Dave just loses his goddamn mind. This one’s pretty Dave heavy. He deserves it. TIME POINTS 5:31 – Movie History 17:27 – Movie Any Good? […]

Season 1: Episode 4- The Graboids (Tremors & Tremors II- 1990/1996)

SUMMARY We examine the entire length and girth of the Graboids, from 1990’s incredibly frightening Tremors. Adam fantasises over Kevin Bacon’s footsteps, Sam abuses time travel, and Dave’s audio is garbage and it’s all his fault. TIME POINTS Movie History – 4:59 Movie Any Good – 17:26 Graboid Physiology – 21:00 Graboid Ecology – 49:23 […]

Season 1: Episode 3- The Quiets (A Quiet Place- 2018)

SUMMARY We dive into the quiet B O I S from 2018’s A Quiet Place. Dave think lions are from Antarctica, Adam gets too damn excited by Alligator gar and Sam’s stepson ruins the episode. TIME POINTS Movie History/Movie Any Good – 6:28 Quiet Physiology – 17:16 Quiet Ecology – 44:40 A Quiet BOI vs. […]

Season 1: Episode 2- The Ents (Lord of the Rings- 2002/2003)

SUMMARY This week we look at the Ents, of the little known cult comedy Lord of the Rings. Adam really just nerds the fuck out (we get it you read), Dave reveals he doesn’t believe in new Zealand and Sam rediscovers the art of the pun. TIME POINTS Movie History – 0.04.55 Movie Any Good? […]

Season 1: Episode 1- King Kong (Kong: Skull Island- 2017)

We dive into King Kong, from 2017’s Kong: Skull Island. Adam has a creative system for Kong’s heat loss, Dave turns one of the most majestic movie monsters of all time into a hairless, toeless freak, and Sam sits around mumbling things hungover.