Season 3: Episode 12- Cat-Ass-Trophe (Cats)

Cinematica Animalia · S3E12- Cat-Ass-Trophe (Cats)


Movie: Cats [2019]
Production Company: Working Title Films
Distributed By: Universal Pictures
Monsters: Mutant Cats
Featuring: Sam, Adam, and David
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)

The episode that no fans asked for is here. Adam, Sam, and David explore the world of Cats and are as horrified and confused as you might expect. Join them as they discuss how these grotesque creatures might have arisen, learned to dance, and tried to destroy the careers of so many great actors and musicians.

01:40- Introduction
04:28- Cats Movie Summary
13:06- History of Anthropomorphic Characters in Movies
27:50- Cats Physiology
43:05- Outdoor Cats Discussion
54:25- Versus
57:27- Sign Off

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