Season 3: Episode 13- Godzilla’s Day Off (Godzilla ’98 vs. Godzilla 2014)

Cinematica Animalia · S3E13- Godzilla’s Day Off (Godzilla- 1998)

Movie: Godzilla [1998]
Production Company: Centropolis Entertainment
Distributed By: TriStar Pictures
Monsters: Godzilla/GINO
Featuring: Sam and Travis from Kaiju Weekly
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)

Sam ditches the rest of the Cinematica Animalia and teams up Travis from Kaiju Weekly for a special episode. Join them as they discuss Godzilla 1998 in order to determine how it stacks up to the classic precursors and the 2014 reboot in regards to scientific accuracy and overall enjoyment.

Check Out Kaiju Weekly:

00:32- Introduction
05:08- What Is A Kaiju?
10:36- Why Do People Love Godzilla?
15:28- Godzilla 1998 Movie Discussion
21:40- Godzilla 2014 and 2019 Movie Discussion
27:04- Godzilla Environmental Discussion
32:10- Godzilla Scientists
41:18- Godzilla General Science
50:12- Godzilla’s Physiology Accuracy
55:46- Versus
1:02:12- Sign Off


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