To our listeners and followers, thanks for bearing with us during this hiatus. It has been a busy and terrifying year for everyone, and we hope you are all staying safe during this pandemic. We are writing this post to make a a couple of announcements.

The first is to apologize for the long delays and thank you for all of your comments, suggestions, and continued support. Posting an episode and immediately seeing the view count numbers start to increase brings a joy we can’t fully explain.

The second is to introduce the new format for the show going forward. We want to try and deliver content more regularly and make it more interesting and fun for everyone. To do this we have made a few changes:

  1. Please join us in welcoming Libby Young as a permanent member of the team. Her job will be to help us with story plot holes, stop us from turning the podcast into a lecture, and to add a non science-based viewpoint to the show.
  2. We will be making regular releases! We will be aiming to release a new episode every Thursday.
  3. The last change we will be making is to the overall format. We have realized that the most fun episodes occur when it is all of us are talking and enthusiastically discussing the science. The episodes that seem to drag the most turn into a lecture with individual points and rebuttals. We want the process to be more organic going forward, and we think you will enjoy it more as well.

We look forward to sharing another season with you!”

-The Cinematica Animalia Team

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