Movie: Love and Monsters (2020)
Production Company: 21 Laps Entertainment
Distributed By: Paramount Pictures
Monster(s): Mutated Wildlife
Featuring: Sam, David, Adam, and Libby
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)

The Cinematica team is back and starting off a new season with the 2020 film Love and Monsters (loved by the entire team, especially Adam). Join them as they explore the mutated post meteor/missile wasteland and answer the truly important question, how much do we all absolutely love the dog in this film? Listen to them argue, complain, and try to sort out the science from the fiction.

00:00:44- Introduction
00:05:52- New Format Discussion and Science News
00:08:44- Movie Review
00:23:37- Science In The Film
00:55:44- Is This Film Recommended?
01:00:36- Final Thoughts
01:02:04- Thanks To Our Fans


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