Season 5: Episode 6- Why Halo There (Halo 2001-2021)

Monster(s): The Covenant
Featuring: Adam, Libby, and David
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)

As a Last Resort, we welcome our audience this week to the Valhalla that is the Halo franchise (2001-2021?) We look at Covenant species with their methane breathing, wormy boi bridge building bodies, and birthday skulls; why Adam gives sentient culture two tactile thumbs up; and whether or not decades long stories should be self contained. You really needler to listen to this one.

00:00:43- News (Drone Planting)
00:05:37 – Plot Summary (Halo Story Speed Run)
00:18:13 – Trivia (How Much is Halo Worth?)
00:21:17 – Covenant Biology- Grunts
00:33:53 – Covenant Biology- Hunters
00:45:22 – Covenant Biology- Elites
00:53:33 – Covenant Convergent Evolution
00:58:15 – Story Discussion- Self Contained Stories
01:11:05 – Wrap Up and Should We Feel Bad For The Covenant?

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