Season 5: Episode 7- Mist Opportunity (The Mist- 2007)

Monster(s): Monsters In The Mist
Featuring: Sam, Adam, Libby, and David
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)

What does hentai-light, vengeful Jesus, and mislabeled fog have in common? All creep out of Stephen King’s The Mist (2007). This week we are suckers for how tentacles suckers physically work. We theorize exactly how one might get caught in a caustic web. We are frank about four winged fabulously flying freaks that already exist in real life. We ask about alternative alternate endings. But unanswered, why does Thomas Jane straight up cap a grandma?!

00:00:32- Introduction News (Deer and Wolves)
00:08:35 – Plot Summary
00:19:18 – Trivia (Half Life Development)
00:21:49 – Tentacles
00:34:16- Bugs With Stings And Swelling
00:40:58- Grey Widows
00:45:18 – Ptero-Bird
00:51:22 – Story Discussion- Changing Endings
01:01:38 – Wrap Up and Do We Feel Bad For The Monsters?

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