Season 5: Episode 12- Bat to the Bone (The Batman- 2022)

Monster(s): Batman, Catwoman, Penguin
Featuring: Sam, Adam, Libby, and David
Guest: TJ
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)
Cinematica Animalia Discord Server

The city of Gotham flashed the CA logo in the sky and we answered. For our very special 100th episode of the podcast, we chose the nontraditional, The Batman (2022)! Breaking from analyzing monsters to create our very own DCinematica versions of a realistic Batman, Catwoman, and Penguin, with the help of a very special guest host. The original veterinarian caped crusader and catalyst of our podcast, TJ! Enjoy a Batman that pees while hanging from a pull up bar, a Catwoman that should be kept indoors, and a Penguin with unbelievably sweaty palms. Cheers to another 100 and thanks for your support and listenership!

00:00:36- Introduction
00:05:17 – News
00:09:22 – Summary (What A Joke?) and Our Thoughts
00:21:42 – Trivia
00:28:08 – Batman Biology
00:41:48 – Catwoman Cytology
00:55:04- Penguin Physiology
01:10:34 – Favorite Batmen
01:15:20- Do We Feel Bad For Our Monsters?
01:17:04- Final Thoughts

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