Season 5: Episode 13- In Too Deep (Deep Rising- 1998)

Monster(s): Octalus
Featuring: Sam, Adam, and Libby
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)
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Out of the depths came Stephen Sommers’s Deep Rising (1998) and you are in for a Treat (Williams). All aboard as the CA Team asks some unsinkable questions. How far back do human’s tales of sea monsters go? What exactly are Archaea Ottoia? Why are octopi’s brains located throughout their tentacles? Will this group of adults be mature enough to refrain from making jokes as we discuss penis worms?

00:00:34- Introduction
00:03:46 – News (New Squid Discovery)
00:06:12 – Summary and Our Thoughts
00:17:43 – Trivia
00:22:51 – Under Pressure
00:28:25 – Penis Worms
00:39:37- Octopussies
00:45:03 – Story Discussion: Sea Monsters
00:52:45- Final Thoughts

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