Season 5: Episode 15- Mumster (The Monster- 2016)

Monster(s): The Monster
Featuring: Sam, Adam, Libby, and Dave
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)
Cinematica Animalia Discord Server

Exactly how many monsters are in The Monster (2016)? Just like a car on an old back road, we breakdown this week’s canid-like monster and ask the hard hitting questions. How can burns kill so quickly? Do wolves understand paved roads? Is it healthy to snack on other carnivores? How is an allegory different from a metaphor? Can Sam pronounce the word synecdoche?

00:00:33- Introduction and News (How To Unfuck The World)
00:12:32 – The Monster Summary and How We Felt About This Movie
00:22:21 – Trivia
00:27:42 – Monstrous Wildlife
00:35:14- How Burns Kill You
00:45:46- Predators, Wildlife, and Vehicle Collisions
00:50:53 – Carnivores Eating Carnivores
00:54:21- Libberature 101: Allegory to Synecdoche
01:00:51- Final Thoughts

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