Season 5: Episode 14- Elden Ring Finger (Elden Ring- 2022)

Monster(s): Lands Between Monsters
Featuring: Sam, Adam, and Libby
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)
Cinematica Animalia Discord Server

This week, the CA Team bares their souls in the world of Elden Ring (2022). We wrap our tentacled brains around the strange, amorphous beaked blob that is the land octopus, now known as an octoplonk. We simp for imps as we analyze ambush predation tactics and social structures. We yabby-dabby-do want to see more crayfish take the horrifying spotlight that they deserve. We scribble down some thoughts on epistolary novels and how abstruse storylines work. But most importantly, we try and put a finger on this game’s odd fetish.

00:00:37- Introduction
00:12:39 – Elden Ring Summary
00:21:24 – Trivia
00:23:40 – Land Octopus Biology
00:34:38 – Imp Physiology
00:42:08- Giant Crustaceans
00:51:47 – Epistolary Stories
01:06:34- Final Thoughts

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