Season 5: Episode 23- For Crichton Out Loud (The Lost World. Jurassic Park- 1997)

Monster(s): Dinosaurs
Featuring: Sam, Adam, Libby, and Dave
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)
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Time to get lost in a world full of deadly dinos. Join us as this week the CA Team takes an island vacation with The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997). What should you do when you find a baby T-Rex in the wild? What is a “complete ecosystem”? Does Cretaceous Park have the same ring to it? And why is Dr. Ian Malcolm brought back from the dead? More importantly, will he ever shut up? Also, bees are fish!


00:00:34- Introduction
00:03:37 – News (The Fish & The Bees)
00:05:05 – Movie Summary (Jurassic Park 2: More Cash For More Movies)
00:16:41- Trivia
00:19:45 – Baby Rex Medicine
00:39:35 – Isla Sorna As A Study System
00:46:54 – Sam’s Three Dinosaur Questions
00:53:38 – Ian Malcolme RIP
1:00:16 – Final Thoughts

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