Season 5: Episode 24- Grabthar’s Hammer Time (Galaxy Quest- 1999)

Monster(s): Thermians and Galaxy Life
Featuring: Sam, Adam, and Libby
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)
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By Grabthar’s hammer and by the suns of Warvan, the CA Team goes intergalactic this week with Galaxy Quest (1999). Listen to our historical document as we probe into dick-headed octopus culture and the very real city of Octlantis. Adam proposes a theory of sentience matching body plans and breaks down the difference between convergent and homologous evolution. We reveal what species is the most violent and murderous towards its own kind; spoiler, it’s not us! Learn the different subtypes of satire with Libby. One question remains: are Thermians really just Finnish?


00:00:36- Introduction
00:03:58 – Galaxy Quest Summary & Discussion
00:13:13 – Trivia
00:17:43 – Octopus Culture
00:24:51 – Convergent Evolution
00:30:30 – Mammalian Violence
00:36:07 – Different Forms of Satire
00:43:08 – Final Thoughts

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