Season 5: Episode 27- Squatch Out! (Exists- 2014)

Monster(s): Sasquatch
Featuring: Adam, Libby, and David
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)
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Check your sasquatch, because it’s time to talk about Bigfoot. This week, the CA Team analyzes the found footage from Exists (2014). Adam walks in the creature’s footsteps, exploring why these hairy Hendersons might be solitary; as well as why they ended up in North America. Dave’s segment might be hard to find as he reveals the hidden patterns behind camouflage in nature and reveals some bear truths. Libby reveals why people love to believe in this elusive myth. And we all agree that no one should ever light their friend’s beard on fire or take midnight hikes on the highway.


00:00:38- Introduction
00:03:13- Exists Summary & What We Did And Didn’t Like
00:13:01- Trivia
00:14:57- Sasquatch Populations & Hiding
00:26:27- Cryptic Coloration
00:37:09- Research On Bigfoot Hair
00:40:09- Squatchers & Those That Track Bigfoot
00:52:38- Wrap Up

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