Season 5: Episode 28- Crab-tivating Journey (Love, Death, & Robots: Bad Travelling- 2022)

Cinematica Animalia

Monster(s): Decapod
Featuring: Adam, Libby, and David
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)
Cinematica Animalia Discord Server

The Cinematica team gets “hooked” by the latest season of Love, Death, and Robots and “wade” into Bad Traveling (2022). Join them as they explore “shellfish” crews, basic “claws” of developmental ecology, and how short stories can “chitin” your day. Please don’t be “crabby” and come join them.


00:00:36- Introduction and News
00:03:00- Episode Summary & Trivia
00:09:24- Decapod Reproductive Strategies
00:16:45- Crab Facts
00:27:07- Short Stories
00:32:18- Final Thoughts

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