Season 5: Episode 30- Red vs Blue (The Sea Beast- 2022)

Monster(s): Sea Monsters
Featuring: Adam, Libby, and David
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)
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Garr me Mateys! The Cinematica Team takes to ye olde seas in the 2022 Netflix release, The Sea Beast. Join the crew to explore monster evolution, whaling environmentalism, and the history of sea monsters. Grab your favorite grog and give it a listen.


00:00:40- Introduction
00:02:44- News
00:07:13- Summary & Our Thoughts On The Film
00:14:58- Trivia
00:17:16- The Evolution Of Cetacea
00:27:39- Surviving In A Whale & Whaling History
00:44:23- Sea Monster Exploration (part 2)
00:53:57- Final Thoughts

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