Season 5: Episode 31- The Movies That Made Us (Series Finale)

Monster(s): Aliens, Immortality, Stories, and Population Management
Featuring: Sam, Adam, Libby, and David
Rating: Mature (for some offensive language and adult themes)
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The Cinematica Team finishes off their series by returning to the movies that inspired, guided, and helped them to become the people they are today. Join them one last time to discuss science and storytelling within a shared love of films. Thank you so much for listening and joining us over these last few years. It has been a joy to share with all of you.


00:00:57- Introduction
00:04:45- News
00:09:12- Adam’s Movie (Bad Mac & Cheese Night)
00:18:24- David’s Movie (Scientists Finding Love & Life)
00:29:00- Libby’s Movie (A Bards’ Journey)
00:35:43- Sam’s Movie (Invasive Wildlife Removal)
00:47:25- Movies That Scared Us
00:55:23- Final Goodbye

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